Concertinas Anonymous

"Hello. My name is Bryan and I'm a Concertina Player!"

........and I know there are a lot more of you out there. I've seen you holding your concertina up to your ear in sessions while you try to learn the tune. Sitting next to a melodeon player so nobody can hear if you play it wrong. Or maybe you're a polished expert looking for new directions and a chance to pass on your skills (hint hint).

Whatever your ability, whatever your interest - dance tunes, song accompaniment, folk, jazz, classical, minimalist - why not get together with like minded people for a play, a bit of mutual support and a chat about ideas for the future ... workshops by the famous, duets, groups, ensembles, big bands .... any suggestions?

Bring your favourite tune, bring that tricky one you're trying to learn, bring your concertina (any system, we'll work out the rivalries later), bring yourself.

For the time being, we are meeting at Valmai Goodyear's House from 7.30.- 10.00
Contact - Bryan Creer or Valmai Goodyear
For further information.

17th. January
21st. February
21st. March
18th. April
16th. May
20th. June
18th. July
15th. August
19th. September
17th. October
21st. November
19th. December